Industrial Aerospace Solutions

The expertise we have gained in solving aerospace and defence challenges has wider application, and we have provided solutions for customers in other key sectors, including energy generation and transportation. Our structure enables us to gain a deeper insight, while our advanced materials and processes ensure the development of bespoke and innovative applications which deliver all the benefits of face2face engineering. We create effective customised solutions – and you can see some examples here.

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Our Approach to Aerospace Engineering

As acknowledged world leaders in aerospace and defence, we also develop innovative solutions to support applications in specialised industrial sectors.

Custom Rubber Mouldings

Utilising state-of-the-art facilities, Icon can provide highly-bespoke industrial rubber mouldings to meet your requirements regardless of complexity.

Hand Fabrications & Custom Tooling

Icon manufactures complex and bespoke hand fabrications and tools with the capability to design or replicate even the most intricate parts.

Aircraft Brake Seals & Landing Gear Seals

Icon is a leading provider of brake and landing gear seals within the aviation industry for both commercial and defence aircraft.

Wave Transmission, Absorbers & Shielding

Icon is a global manufacturer of RF and microwave absorbing materials, EMI solutions, & high-temperature coatings.

Wireless Antenna Applications

Icon provides effective wireless antenna optimisation solutions that improve antenna patterns and reduce resonance.

EMI Suppression & Filtering

Icon’s capabilities include effective shielding solutions for EMI suppression & filtering, as well as reducing cavity resonances.

5G Telecom Applications

Icon can supply PCB antennas for effective 5G telecom applications, reducing PCB radiation through innovative wave absorber materials.


Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilising polymers which are used in sealing, containment, propulsion and protection systems worldwide.