Bespoke Industrial Hoses for Aerospace & Defence

Using a wide range of materials from rubber and aluminium to low-density polymer formulations and engineered fabrics , our experienced engineers are able to produce custom aviation hoses for high-performance in extreme and challenging environments, including high-pressure and high-temperature hose solutions.


Our hoses include durable refuelling hoses (AAR hoses) for aircraft and military vehicles, as well as G-Suite hoses (oxygen hoses), hydraulic hoses, heated hoses, and high-temperature rubber hoses. Our aviation hose capabilities also include aerospace ducting.


Utilising our world-class facilities, we are able to produce completely bespoke aerospace hose solutions to fit your required dimensions. Learn more about our various types of aerospace hoses below, or submit an enquiry if you’d like to speak with one of the team.

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Industries. From seals to hoses, we provide innovative engineering solutions within the aerospace, industrial and defence sectors.

Collaboration. Our Face to Face approach helps us build stronger bonds, gain deeper understanding, share ideas and work better together.

Precision Engineering. We use our knowledge of a vast range of materials & compounds to deliver completely bespoke solutions for even the most complex projects.

Testing. Our 3D printing capability enables us to manufacture intricate parts and carry out extensive in-house testing on all our solutions.

Application Types

Ducting Hoses

Using a combination of unique low-density polymer formulations with engineered fabric, we specialise in the production of lightweight, high-performance aerospace ducting hoses to meet all requirements. The manufacturing process allows the product to be formed into almost any shape and size regardless of complexity, allowing for maximum efficiency by ensuring our ducts will perfectly fit the required space. We are able to produce both single and multi-branch ducts.

G-Suit Hoses & Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing

Designed for use within defence aircraft, our specialist G-Suite and oxygen-supply systems are manufactured to CBRNe (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) standards, available in low, medium or high pressure configurations.

Refuelling Hoses

Our capabilities include the production of refuelling hoses for defence aircraft. Manufactured to rigorous standards, our industry-approved Flexiflo range allows for critical in-flight refuelling, with minimum weight and optimal flow-rate to create a unique and efficient refuelling solution.

Reliable Aircraft Hoses by Experts, for Experts

Aerospace Ducting

Icon Aerospace is experienced in the production of durable industrial ducts for various applications, including aerospace ducting.

G-Suite Hoses

Icon manufacturers and supplies specialist G-Suite Hoses and heavy-duty oxygen tubing, with custom dimensions available to meet your requirements.

Aircraft Refuelling Hoses

Icon’s bespoke aerial refuelling hoses provide efficient in-flight refuelling for the aerospace and military and defence sectors.

As acknowledged world leaders in aerospace and defence, we also develop innovative solutions to support applications in specialised industrial sectors.


Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilising polymers which are used in sealing, containment, propulsion and protection systems worldwide.