Our Approach

Our way of working

With face2face engineering, we have a truly unique approach to problem solving. face2face reflects both what we do – creating strong bonds at the interface of different materials – as well as how we conduct business: face to face with our customers. This helps us build stronger bonds, gain deeper understanding, share ideas and work better together. Whether you’re looking for large volume orders or one-off bespoke applications, our collaborative approach makes sure we’re all working together to the same goal. face2face comprises several elements.


A technology led enterprise with a market-leading catalogue of materials and processes, we enjoy strong links with academic and research institutions, enabling us to adopt the latest research and best practice into our work. Continually pushing the development of new materials and processes - and how they interfuse with each other and within our customer’s systems - our expertise covers, among others: silicones, fluorocarbons, natural rubbers, composites and engineered textiles and fabrics. This is supported with extensive in-house testing facilities including dynamic Test Facilities and Linear & Non-Linear FEA – all processed in a highly controlled and repeatable manner.

Capability and capacity

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and speed of response. We invest in continuous improvement programmes to increase capacity and remain competitive for our customers. This includes LEAN manufacturing and developing our expertise and people through a range of initiatives – from NVQs and degree sponsorship through to a ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnerships’ with local universities. Our comprehensive services range from design, development and qualification through to precision manufacturing and post-sales support. Combined with scalable production facilities and a rapid prototyping service, we are able to resolve challenges and achieve a rapid turnaround that meets and exceeds expectations.


We have built our reputation on adding value to our customers’ systems through our components and the way in which they interface – whether that’s measured by performance, service life, optimised cost or added value. Our creativity comes from our investment in gaining a deeper understanding of the challenge, from the skill and experience of our engineers, from the skills and dexterity of our people, from our material knowledge and from our ability to act quickly and effectively. Together, these enable us to solve the most complex challenges in the most cost-effective way.


We work with you, face to face. We build partnerships, and commit to collaboration. We listen, ask, share and involve. We understand the importance of communication, and it’s a pivotal element of face2face engineering. We are committed to maintaining open and clear lines of communication with our colleagues and customers at all times. Wherever possible, we mirror contacts with our customers’ business –engineer to engineer, quality specialist to quality specialist – ensuring relevant communication, engagement and escalation. As a global supplier with high ethical standards, we aim to gain total customer trust and confidence. We strive to get better every day and welcome your feedback.

Our Solutions

A critical part of face2face engineering is how we work together to overcome not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s too. Innovation is integral to our DNA, creating solutions that deliver a lifetime of reliability, cost savings and energy optimisation.

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