Light & Flexible Ducting Solutions for All Engineering Projects

We’re committed to delivering the very best ducting solutions for even the most challenging of projects. Utilising our unrivalled expertise combined with the very latest engineering research, we are  able to manufacture flexible ducting hoses in practically any shape and dimensions. This means we can create high-quality ducting that perfectly fits the allocated space.


What is Industrial Ducting?


Industrial duct systems are used for supply or exhaust. In engineering, they are important for the continuous supply of clean air/ventilation or for temperature control. More generally, ducts are commonly used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.


We work with a broad range of materials dependant on the required qualities of your ducting solution, including stainless steel ducting for extra strength and durability, to polymer ducts for lighter solutions without compromising on performance.

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More About Our Ducting Solutions

Ranging from single to complex multi-branch architecture, our ducting combines unique low-density polymer formulations with engineered fabrics to create light and high performance products.


They can be of almost any complex geometry as the manufacturing process allows the product to be formed into almost any shape, making ultimate use of the space envelope.


Innovations include the integration of seals within ducts to reduce stress points and leak paths, bringing improved reliability and performance. Lightweight flexible duct constructions are designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry, where light weight, flexibility, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation are all essential.

Industries. From seals to hoses, we provide innovative engineering solutions within the aerospace, industrial and defence sectors.

Collaboration. Our Face to Face approach helps us build stronger bonds, gain deeper understanding, share ideas and work better together.

Precision Engineering. We use our knowledge of a vast range of materials & compounds to deliver completely bespoke solutions for even the most complex projects.

Testing. Our 3D printing capability enables us to manufacture intricate parts and carry out extensive in-house testing on all our solutions.

Application Types

Aerospace Ducting

We’ve produced aerospace ducting for use on-board both commercial and defence aircraft, and we’ve worked with big names within the aviation industry including Boeing and Airbus. Crucially, we can produce lightweight ducting with with leak tight flexibility that operates effectively at low and high pressures. We also manufacture bellows, fasteners and various aerospace hoses.

Engine Ducts

Icon can produce engine inlet ducts and S-ducts for use in jet engines and other types of transport, including military defence vehicle. The purpose of engine ducts is to provide the engine compressor with a uniform supply of air in order to prevent the compressor from stalling.

Stainless Steel Ducting

Stainless steel ducting is the ideal choice for ventilation systems in humid and high-temperate environments. Commonly produced from either 304 and 316 steel grades, steel ducts provide a strong and sturdy ducting with enhanced corrosion resistance.

Fabric Ducts

Affordable and low-maintenance with excellent air distribution properties, fabric ducts are commonly used for ventilation in public and heavily-populated buildings and provide sound-absorbent qualities whilst minimising surface condensation.

Fabricated Ducts

We can create fabricated ducting solutions that are compatible with any shape of duct, including round and rectangular ducts, allowing for the neat and efficient combining of piping designed to fit multiple spaces.

Multi-Branch Pipe Systems

In addition to single ducts, we can also provide complete ducting systems, including multi-branch systems for piping stemming from a main duct.

Industrial Ducting Produced by Experts, for Experts

Aerospace Hoses

Icon specialises in the manufacturing and supply of a wide range of aircraft hoses for use within the aerospace and defence sectors.

G-Suite Hoses

Icon manufacturers and supplies specialist G-Suite Hoses and heavy-duty oxygen tubing, with custom dimensions available to meet your requirements.

Aircraft Refuelling Hoses

Icon’s bespoke aerial refuelling hoses provide efficient in-flight refuelling for the aerospace and military and defence sectors.

As acknowledged world leaders in aerospace and defence, we also develop innovative solutions to support applications in specialised industrial sectors.


Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilising polymers which are used in sealing, containment, propulsion and protection systems worldwide.