Durable, Heat-Resistant Tank Running Gear

Originally supplied from the Burton On Trent facility as ‘Silvertown’ and ‘Andre Rubber’, since 2008 Icon’s range of APV and tank running gear has been manufactured from our Retford location.


Our broad range includes tank wheels (road and tensioners), top rollers and support rollers, track pads and bushes, sprockets and other APV wheels and running gear, utilising our expertise to create durable, high-performance solutions from bespoke rubber compounds.


The use of bespoke designed compounds enables us to provide improved performance in several areas, including:


  • High abrasion resistance
  • High heat-resistance
  • Very low ‘chip & chunk’

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Industries. From seals to hoses, we provide innovative engineering solutions within the aerospace, industrial and defence sectors.

Collaboration. Our Face to Face approach helps us build stronger bonds, gain deeper understanding, share ideas and work better together.

Precision Engineering. We use our knowledge of a vast range of materials & compounds to deliver completely bespoke solutions for even the most complex projects.

Testing. Our 3D printing capability enables us to manufacture intricate parts and carry out extensive in-house testing on all our solutions.

Application Types

Tank Road Wheels

Our tank road wheels can be produced to meet bespoke requirements and allow defence vehicles to move smoothly over harsh terrain by reducing ground interference. Road wheels sit neatly within the caterpillar track and support the weight of the vehicle.

Track Tensioner Wheels

Track tensioner wheels must withstand high loads to maintain tension in the track. Often produced from steel, effective track tensioner solutions improve the power efficiency, pressure distribution and manoeuvrability of the vehicle.

Top Rollers & Support Rollers

Tank rollers refer to the lighter weight wheels that support the track. Icon provides highly-efficient, light-weight tank rollers that provide strength and durability, including both top top rollers and support rollers.

Tank Track Pads

We manufacture tank track pads from composite rubbers for long-lasting durability. Specially developed for tanks and other defence vehicles, our rubber track pads are developed from bespoke compounds to maximise resistance to wear and abrasion.

Tank Bushes

As with all Icon products, our fully-bonded tank bushes can be manufactured to completely bespoke requirements. Our military bushes improve performance of suspension systems within both tank and other APV vehicles, reducing vibration and enabling smoother transitions over harsh terrain.

Trusted, Cost-Effective Military Running Gear

Custom Rubber Mouldings

Utilising state-of-the-art facilities, Icon can provide highly-bespoke industrial rubber mouldings to meet your requirements regardless of complexity.

Hand Fabrications & Custom Tooling

Icon manufactures complex and bespoke hand fabrications and tools with the capability to design or replicate even the most intricate parts.

Rubber Expansion Bellows & Joints

As specialists in aerospace sealing solutions, Icon has the capability to provide rubber joints for a wide range of industries and applications.

Aircraft Brake Seals & Landing Gear Seals

Icon is a leading provider of brake and landing gear seals within the aviation industry for both commercial and defence aircraft.

As acknowledged world leaders in aerospace and defence, we also develop innovative solutions to support applications in specialised industrial sectors.


Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilising polymers which are used in sealing, containment, propulsion and protection systems worldwide.