Our customers operate at the leading edge of their sectors and we are able to support them comprehensively. We understand the pressures and engineering challenges they face, not least the quest for maximum reliability, performance and safety. To provide innovative, leading-edge solutions, we collaborate with academia and research bodies such as NASA. We are committed to creative thinking, R&D and investing in new materials, processes and technologies, including 3D printing to accelerate prototyping and time to market. We also invest extensively in product qualification testing to verify our solutions, and in developing the creativity and technical know-how of our people. Most of all, we invest in understanding our customers’ challenges to solve them face2face.


Aerodynamic seals

Icon specialises in the fusion of numerous materials to enable the performance of a seal to be optimised. This includes the interfusion of composite or metallic materials with a wide range of flexible polymers reinforced with textiles, including glass cloth, Nextel and polyester. We manufacture seals in a comprehensive range of configurations with metal or composite inserts for enhanced strength and easy mounting. Using both silicone, flourosilicone and polychloroprene (neoprene) formulations, typical applications include airframe seals, aerodynamic wing fillet seals and pylon seals as well as seals for inspection hatches, control surfaces and landing gear.

  • Standard seals. From omega and p-seals to whole assembly sections, we meet the most challenging brief with extensive facilities, scalable production capacity and speedy turnaround
  • Drawn parts. Our ‘make to print’ capabilities include 3D printing for prototyping and the ability to build by hand, so whatever your requirement, we’re able to meet your needs reliably and cost-effectively

Fire Seals

Applying the latest materials to create high quality sealing barriers in the engine and pylon environments, we have specific skills and capability in terms of meeting performance in high temperatures and fire protection zones. Our 3D printing capability enables us to produce and test prototypes before production to maximise performance and minimise cost. We have extensive testing facilities and our products are approved to AC20-135 for use in fire proof seal applications – 2000°F (x0°C) for 15 minutes. High temperature materials specialise in engine temperatures over 300°C.


Ducts and Hoses

Ranging from single to complex multi-branch architecture, our ducting combines unique low-density polymer formulations with engineered fabrics to create light and high performance aerospace ducts and other aircraft hoses. They can be of almost any complex geometry as the manufacturing process allows the product to be formed into almost any shape, making ultimate use of the space envelope. Innovations include the integration of seals within ducts to reduce stress points and leak paths, bringing improved reliability and performance. Lightweight flexible duct constructions are designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry, where light weight, flexibility, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation are all essential.

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Bellow connectors for high and low pressures; to work at low and high temperature applications manufactured in silicone/fabric –based constructions. Bellows provide ducting connections where the non-transmission of vibration and force is critical. Designs can accommodate axial compression and expansion, lateral and angular displacements with simple single or multiple convolutions depending on application. Bellows can be Fire-Proof or Fire-Resistant.


Refuelling Hoses

By optimising weight, durability and flow rate, our globally recognised Flexiflo range of safety-critical in-flight refuelling hoses is revolutionising operational range and efficiency. Manufactured to rigorous standards, our hoses comply with DEF STAN 00-970, DEF STAN 05-123 & MIL-H-4495D specifications, and are supplied with Icon Braidlock end couplings.

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Breather and G-suit hoses (crush resistant)

Our hosing capability includes oxygen-supply hose systems manufactured to CBRNe (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) standards, available in low, medium or high pressure configurations. Our abilities include the incorporation of integral communications leads and special end fittings.

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Tank and APV Running Gear - Road wheels, top rollers, track tensioners and Run-flats

Designed to resist heat build-up and ‘chip & chunk’, the two most common modes of failure for tracked vehicle running gear, our market leading compounds – including ENDURANCE® – optimise the life of main road wheels, top rollers and track tensioners. Employing the unique I-PC process, we provide high reliability and product integrity to the operator.

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Track pads and bushes

The ENDURANCE® range of compounds can also be employed in Track Pads, delivering outstanding bonding characteristics while reducing vibration and noise for an enhanced operating environment. Our Track Pads and Bushes have high ‘hot tear’ strength to ensure a long service life in the harshest conditions.

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Using the knowledge and sophisticated skills we’ve acquired in Aerospace and Defence, we support a number of specialist industrial sectors where similar levels of reliability and repeatable performance are required. Recent projects include:

  • Eliminating vibration damage to parts in domestic wind turbines
  • Specialist cable covering for use in Underground Transport application
  • Unique Safety barriers used on Rail applications

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Shielding Solutions

EMI Suppression & Filtering

Icon provides EMI suppression and filtering solutions such as cavity resonance absorbers and other  EMI absorber materials that stop the emissions at source and that surpass the performance of traditional metal shielding methods

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Wireless Antenna Solutions

We specialise in wireless antenna solutions than provide better transmission quality. From parabolic antennas to point-to-point antennas and wireless backhaul solutions.

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5G Telecom Applications

Utilising our vast knowledge of engineering and materials, we’re able to design and engineer a wide range of bespoke and effective 5G telecom applications, reducing PCB radiation through the use of innovative surface wave absorber materials.

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face2face engineering

face2face engineering is a unique and productive approach which is all about creating stronger bonds – in our products and polymers, as well as through our people.

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