Innovative EMI Shielding Solutions

Utilising our vast knowledge of engineering and materials, we’re able to design and engineer a wide range of bespoke solutions for EMI shielding.


Primarily, we specialise in the production of absorber materials and solutions that effectively reduce emissions. Our core specialisms in this area are cavity resonance absorbers and EMI absorbers.

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Industries. From seals to hoses, we provide innovative engineering solutions within the aerospace, industrial and defence sectors.

Collaboration. Our Face to Face approach helps us build stronger bonds, gain deeper understanding, share ideas and work better together.

Precision Engineering. We use our knowledge of a vast range of materials & compounds to deliver completely bespoke solutions for even the most complex projects.

Testing. Our 3D printing capability enables us to manufacture intricate parts and carry out extensive in-house testing on all our solutions.

Application Types

Cavity Resonances

In many applications, the smaller wavelengths of high frequencies are beginning to approach the physical dimensions of many microwave cavities, which can lead to cavity resonance effects. The resonant frequency is the frequency where the integer half-wave length corresponds to the physical dimension of the cavity. 

A wave is set up inside the enclosure whose nodes (i.e. zero amplitude) lie on the conductive walls of the enclosure. These structures behave as cavity resonators. The danger of a cavity resonance is that if a noise source has a frequency component that corresponds to a resonant point, then a large field can be generated at this frequency due to the multiplication or amplification effect by the “Q-factor”. 

One approach to reduce this phenomenon is to lower the “Q-factor” of the cavity by introducing losses (Q-dampening). Icon Aerospace Technologies’ cavity resonance absorbers are specifically optimised to provide this dampening, reducing the cavity resonance or lowering the Q factor of the cavity.

EMI Suppression & Filters

Another common EMI solution that works by stopping emissions at the source is to place the absorber material directly on a radiating PCB trace. By placing an EMI absorber material directly on top of a microstrip trace, the engineer can effectively reduce the fields emanating from the top side of the trace. 

These emissions can be a particularly troublesome coupling mechanism, if the traces are located on the bottom side of the board and lying adjacent to the bottom of the chassis enclosure. The coupling of the field to the chassis may cause currents to flow into the chassis and set up circulating currents within it. These circulating currents can then cause radiation from any slots, seams or apertures in their path. 

Placing an absorber with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on the traces reduces the field coupling to the chassis. The effect on the trace impedance is minimal since the absorber material is high impedance (> 10 kohm) and it can also be conveniently placed directly on top of the trace without any additional mechanical mounting or holding mechanisms. Icon’s surface wave absorbers are best used for this type of application.

Collaborative, Face-to-Face Engineering

Wireless Antenna Applications

Icon provides effective wireless antenna optimisation solutions that improve antenna patterns and reduce resonance.

EMI Suppression & Filtering

Icon’s capabilities include effective shielding solutions for EMI suppression & filtering, as well as reducing cavity resonances.

5G Telecom Applications

Icon can supply PCB antennas for effective 5G telecom applications, reducing PCB radiation through innovative wave absorber materials.

As acknowledged world leaders in aerospace and defence, we also develop innovative solutions to support applications in specialised industrial sectors.


Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilising polymers which are used in sealing, containment, propulsion and protection systems worldwide.