Efficient Wireless Antenna Solutions

Icon has a strong background in providing highly-efficient wireless antenna solutions that allow for clearer transmissions. 

Utilising our expertise in reticulated foam absorbers, we’re able to provide effective solutions for both parabolic antennas and point-to-point antennas. Our capabilities also include wireless backhaul equipment, using our knowledge of cavity resonance materials to reduce unwanted harmonics and improve clarity. 

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Industries. From seals to hoses, we provide innovative engineering solutions within the aerospace, industrial and defence sectors.

Collaboration. Our Face to Face approach helps us build stronger bonds, gain deeper understanding, share ideas and work better together.

Precision Engineering. We use our knowledge of a vast range of materials & compounds to deliver completely bespoke solutions for even the most complex projects.

Testing. Our 3D printing capability enables us to manufacture intricate parts and carry out extensive in-house testing on all our solutions.

Application Types

Parabolic Antennas

Reticulated foam Absorbers are commonly used in parabolic antennas to improve the antenna pattern and reduce side lobes, making the antenna operate more efficiently.  Reticulated foam performs very well at very high angles of incidence (grazing angles) making it an ideal choice for side lobe reduction applications.

Point to Point Antennas

Whether the application is for a building-to-building network, last mile, or healthcare enterprise, Icon Aerospace Technologies helps point-to-point antennas operate more effectively. Reticulated foam absorbers and cavity resonance absorbers are commonly used for antenna pattern optimization, and for microwave cavity resonance reduction.

Wireless Backhaul

As wireless operators transition to higher bandwidth technologies like 4G/LTE and WiMAX, wireless backhaul is recognised as one of the major components which drives network performance.  Icon aids wireless backhaul equipment manufacturers with the high-frequency suppression tools required to make the system operate smoothly and give them a competitive advantage. Cavity resonance materials are most used for lowering the Q factor of microwave enclosures and reducing unwanted harmonics in wireless backhaul applications.

Innovative Antenna Optimisation

Wave Transmission, Absorbers & Shielding

Icon is a global manufacturer of RF and microwave absorbing materials, EMI solutions, & high-temperature coatings.

EMI Suppression & Filtering

Icon’s capabilities include effective shielding solutions for EMI suppression & filtering, as well as reducing cavity resonances.

5G Telecom Applications

Icon can supply PCB antennas for effective 5G telecom applications, reducing PCB radiation through innovative wave absorber materials.

As acknowledged world leaders in aerospace and defence, we also develop innovative solutions to support applications in specialised industrial sectors.


Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilising polymers which are used in sealing, containment, propulsion and protection systems worldwide.