Ducts and Hoses

Ranging from single to complex multi-branch architecture, our ducting combines unique low-density polymer formulations with engineered fabrics to create light and high performance products. They can be of almost any complex geometry as the manufacturing process allows the product to be formed into almost any shape, making ultimate use of the space envelope. Innovations include the integration of seals within ducts to reduce stress points and leak paths, bringing improved reliability and performance. Lightweight flexible duct constructions are designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry, where light weight, flexibility, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation are all essential.

Advanced 3D printing capability accelerates product development by 50%

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Icon Aerospace Technology develops unique formula for aircraft fire seals

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Multi-million-pound modernisation programme lifts Icon Aerospace Technology to new heights

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face2face engineering

face2face engineering is a unique and productive approach which is all about creating stronger bonds – in our products and polymers, as well as through our people.


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